Watching a movie

Have you ever noticed your dog notice television?  Many dogs like to watch tv and especially when animal shows are on.  All of my dogs over the years have had some sort of television acknowledgement.  But it was Luke who was our very first to actually watch a show in it's entirety.  He loves animal documentaries and would watch the action unfold as we did.  Several times while watching a hunter/prey type scenario; he would get up off of the couch and go to sniff the television.  Watching him watch a show has been fascinating. 

We have our little Granddog Penny here for a week and during our movie watching time on Saturday night, there was quite a bit more entertainment than just the movie itself.  We watched our movie and also watched Penny watching the movie.  I'd say that she watched a good half of it along with us; until she grew tired and finally fell asleep, which is also common in humans right?  It was an intense movie filled with animals but her watching started right from the beginning; well before any animals appeared on the screen.   

At first she sat quietly watching, those huge ears of hers were on high alert; but as the movie opened, there was much booming and highly contrasting screens.  With a subwoofer for extra added sound emphasis; the intensity of the moments was brought to life.  Penny shot up to full attention and sounded off to the screen.  Her bark was that of a tough façade; cloaking her inner scaredy chicken as she shot back to the safety of the coffee table.  Luke and Elsa looked around for the cause of the ruckus and after seeing nothing went back to sleep; while Penny stood fixed to the screen.

She now had our full attention and the watching began.  She was hooked and watched each and every movement on the screen with it's accompanying element of sound.  She had been enjoying a good chew in the beginning; and moved the bone in and out of what she considered her safety zone throughout her watch.  The coffee table the safest place for her to be; it is large and we were right there with it.  She felt safe sitting as close to it as she could while still having access to watch the show.  When things quieted down a bit through the movie; she would bring her bone out closer to the screen now and again.  She chewed and watched; I watch the movie and Penny. 

It wasn't long until she was shot back to her safety zone again, caused by the presence of a monster.  It was a scary looking monster type figure that darkened a good portion of the screen and when they ran her ears sat even higher.  There was no further barking, just hiding and watching where she felt safe.  She watched with intensity; she was not letting her guard down.  I watched and wondered what she was thinking.  It was obvious that she considered this scary; it was fascinating to watch because she is accustom to sitting and watching television with us.  This movie was different; she watched everything on the screen and reacted accordingly.  She ran when the monsters came and stood transfixed to the screen when the animals arrived.

After a good hour of movie watching she came and climbed onto the couch beside me.  She curled up on a cushion; knowing full well that Grandma would protect her.  She gave the television one last glance before tucking that big head of hers into the it and let out a huge sigh.  Being in the movie was stressful for her; she reacted like it was all truly happening there in our family room.  I lay my hand on her head and ran over it and her flattened ears.  She finally drifted off to sleep; giving me the reigns for some monster ass kicking if need be.