Quick fix

Our society is geared to the "quick fix."  We all want to know the one secret to make it all perfect.  A pill that will make us lose the weight we want to; a trick that will turn our lives from a day to day struggle into a dreamy reality.  We want to know the secrets that unlock the magic of wealth; we want it all don't we?  Unfortunately many people  make money from our desire to find the magic "quick fix."  I sat and watched a video last night, and the further it continued the more I shook my head.  It was a dog training video and the guy was claiming that it was a quick fix.  It was no quick fix and I saw all sorts of problem creations in the video. 

We are a funny bunch.  The fact is that there are no quick fixes in life.  If we want something to change we must change it, work hard at it, with a purpose to change.  Training dogs takes time, patience, understanding and knowledge.  Sure, you can't do it if you don't know what you are doing.  But once you learn how to; then the dedication in time and patience is what will do the trick. 

Want your dog to lose weight?  Cut back, don't feed them "low calorie" food; simply cut back on their "good food" and move them more.  Movement does wonders, if one never moves then their calorie needs are very few.  It is as simple as that.  Housetraining trick?  That is a biggy, everyone wants to know the trick to housetraining.  Well, it's no trick; it consists of supervision, feedback, time and dedication.  That's it folks, no trick, no magic pill, no hidden secret to discover.

People are always looking for a weakness in others to create a quick fix.  Quick fixes don't work.  A quick fix fills the pockets of the quick fix owner for a short time but that's it.  If you want to fix something, you've got to do it; dig in your heels and work hard.  Another common quick fix is to send your dog off to be fixed, trained.  I am not a fan of that; training your dog is an important part of learning, for both of you together.  If someone else does the work then you aren't learning about your dog at all, are you?  Also, I've heard far too many horror stories about dogs being sent away to be fixed and done my fair share of rehabilitating a handful of very sad cases myself.   

There is no quick fix, no pill, no magic secret; it's call life and it's not always easy.  But life is what makes us who we are.