Single handed

Too late.

Last night I noticed that our yard had some nice light falling on it.  I grabbed the bottle of bubbles and head outside.  It didn't take me long to figure out that it is very difficult to blow bubbles and shoot at the same time.  I typically rely on my hubby for this activity as I shoot.  So I grabbed a few blind shots (holding the camera out to the side and hoping for the best) and then settled on the light, Luke and Elsa. 

Blind shooting is sort of fun to see what you capture.

Not bad for a blind shot.

Bubbles falling in front of Luke and the bubble monster coming up on the left. 

Left the bubbles for another day.  Of course Elsa went and got her ball then. 

That tail should be allowed to shine, no?

Lizard spotted.

Always looking for some sort of critter.

Luke doing some sunset meandering in his yard.