From our home to yours, Happy Thanksgiving. 

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day which as we all know is the kick off to the Christmas season.  Thanksgiving day and the season to follow can be taxing on our dogs.  We may be heading off and leaving them at home; or having a houseful of guests that they are not use to.  No matter what you are doing for Thanksgiving, make sure to consider your dog/dogs.  Hustle and bustle can lead to stress in humans and canines alike.  Take extra time to make sure that your dog has a great day along with the rest of the family and your friends.

-  Make sure to fit in exercise.

-  Have a place where your dog can slip away for some quiet time and rest.

-  Watch what your dog is eating (handouts from guests).

-  Turkey yes, stuffing, gravy and  If you feed strictly kibble, a few pieces of turkey is more than enough.  I got a big turkey so that Luke and Elsa will have lots of leftovers :) 

-  Watch your dog closely while guests are coming and going.

-  Stress is bad for us and our dogs, try to have a relaxing and thankful day. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Welcome the season.