Rough night

I opened my eyes and tried to read the clock.  It took a minute as I focused on it across my bedroom.  2:38am.  Why was I awake?  Then I heard Luke stumbling around and jumped up to see where he was; he was standing in front of the door.  Funny how you just know when things are not right.  The smallest  noise that means Luke is up can wake me from a deep sleep.  I threw my covers off and grabbed my bathrobe before opening the door.  Luke had to go out and when he's in that frame of mind I have to get a hold of him.  Otherwise he will charge down the stairs without even giving it another thought; and he can't do that anymore.

I grabbed the hand towel that sits at the top of the stairs; and wrapped it around him quickly.  We ran down the stairs together with Elsa following.  Into the kitchen and out; but where was Elsa?  My house is all windows in the back so I looked out the kitchen door to see Elsa looking out the living room window, watching.  I called to her and she went out too; although she was back in a flash.  Luke was out a long time. 

This is becoming a more regular thing.  Finally he came back in and we all head up to bed again.  Unfortunately sleep was illusive for me as is customary these days as well.  So for two hours I lay there listening to Luke move around.  I'm not quite sure what the pacing is about.  He wants up on the bed; so he stands staring at me with his pleading eyes.  The bed has been off limits for a long time; unless it is morning and I am awake and watching.  He spends some time on the carpet; tries to fluff it for a while and then settles again.  He has a couple of drinks, looks outside and is on and off his bed again and again until hours later he settles for the night. 

He is always in the same place when I wake up each morning, his place.  He has his place in many different locations in the house.  His corner of the couch in the living room, his corner of the couch in the family room, his spot in my office and his corner in the bedroom.  The unsettling pacing is new; but it is also a symptom of liver disease.  Last Saturday, Sunday and Monday were bad nights; then he had two good nights until last night.  It is all about watching and figuring out what is okay and what is not at this point.  I fell asleep last night researching blood panels and results. 

I'm tired and no doubt Luke is tired as well.  But he'll have a chance to catch up on his rest today in one of "his" spots.  I feel like it was just yesterday that I was in the same place with Jessie and Tilley.  The sleepless nights of old dogs; I feel blessed to have had such old dogs to be sleepless with.  Early to bed tonight.