First half enjoyed

 I hope that you all had a wonderful first half of the Holiday Season.  We had a very nice few days off.  For a couple of days over the holidays we had 5 dogs in the house.  Penny was and still is here; Luna and Elsa #2 were here as well.  Luna is my daughters dog and she was taking care of another Elsa for a friend so she was here as well; yep were a full house. With a little juggling all went pretty smooth.  But I have to say that the whole 2 Elsa's was a challenge.  Two dogs with the same name is just confusing for everyone.

Elsa and Elsa

 I feel extremely lucky to have had Luke with us this Christmas although the actual day was not a good one for Luke.  He was very tired and slept through most of it.  He did get a bit of energy by late afternoon and opened his gift and enjoyed squeaking it for a good long while before feasting on a turkey dinner with the rest of us.   The few days after Christmas were the same with Luke sleeping most of the day and him being very tired.  But Saturday and Sunday he had more energy and was more like himself.

We took Luke and Elsa out for a glorious walk on Saturday with the temperatures in the mid 60s and a crispness in the air, it was wonderful.  Penny and Elsa played for hours in the afternoon and then it was dinner time.  They all had a wonderful but final turkey supper which finished up the leftovers that they have enjoyed.  Then it was movie time; we watched the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.  Penny entertained us for a longtime watching the movie herself.  It only took her a few moments to notice the apes and action; she sat mesmerized until she got scared and started barking ferociously.  She watched on and off for most of the movie depending on what was happening.  She is a very funny girl; she sits directly in front of the television following all the characters as they move around. 

Yesterday Luke spent much of the day following me everywhere which was very nice to see again.  He had much more energy than the previous few days.  We spent time outside on his favorite lounge while Elsa retrieved and Penny chased Elsa chasing her ball.  After dinner it was movie time again; with Penny curled up on my right side, Luke on my left and Elsa snuggled up beside Penny we enjoyed the movie; that is up until about 15 minutes till the end when Mr. Luke decided it was bedtime.  He got off the couch, went outside and then came back in.  Positioning himself on the opposite side of the coffee table from us; he stared at me, shifting in place.  I told him several times that it was not time but he was determined and let out a huge and very deep bark.  It startled all of us and he continued to bark at me until the end of the movie and I finally got up and we head to bed.  What a crazy guy he is; when he saw me get up he ran to the dog door with excitement.  When it's bedtime, it's bedtime. 

Leave a comment I'd love to hear what you did over the holidays.