It's been a great one

We'll be bringing in the New Year nice and quiet. 

It's been a great year; I surely can't complain after a few not so great ones.  Looking back there have been many canine moments shared here on my blog; both good and bad.   There have also been events over the year that have not been shared on my blog, good and bad.  All in all it has been a very good year and one that I will look back at with fond memories. 

We started the year at the beach.  

We discovered smelt, one of Luke's favorites.

I began my online consult service.

Our oldest daughter got married  :)  Their dog Snoop was the ring bearer.

Elsa was attacked and we are still dealing with the fallout of that.  

We had lots of great new humans to meet.  

Lots of play dates

Had many health tests done on Luke

Took lots and lots of photos

Luke got his wheels

Elsa turned 3 and Luke turned 14  :)

We talked about weight, exercise, mud slinging, stupid people, extension leashes, leash aggression, training, behavior and a whole whack more.

Enjoyed some meals out

We talked dogs, dogs, dogs and more dogs.

I finally published my training book.

My second novel, a continuation of the story PBJ and me will be coming out in January.  The book took most of my time this year.  I look forward to the release. 

Most recently our younger daughter (Penny's Mom) just got engaged which we are thrilled about and look forward to a wedding next year. 

It's been a good year and I want to wish you and your families a wonderful and healthy New Year.  See you then.  ;)