Veterinarian office etiquette

I am off to the Vets with Luke again this morning. Just thinking about going and sitting in the waiting room has me going over strategy to keep Luke as calm, comfortable and relaxed as possible.  It truly amazes me while I am there.  Etiquette people, all should know how to act appropriately at the vets office.  


I was growing angrier by he minute; as each person entered the waiting room, I sat astonished by their inability to read the situation.  I had chosen a strategic spot for Luke and I to sit where he would have to walk on the slippery floor for the shortest amount of time.  It was a lot for him to just stand and wait for his appointment; let alone deal with the stress on the slick surface he had to stand on.  I try my best to be "zen" at the Vets., it does no good to try to soothe a dog, you must be what you want your dog to be.  Unfortunately, each person who entered the room allowed their dog to go to the end of their leash; many were extension leashes. (Honestly!!!) The dog wandered just inches from the other dogs and Luke.

When you are at the Vets., you will see a great deal of high stressed dogs.  Most don't like the Vets; Luke does not but at fourteen he's pretty calm about the whole thing.  But he didn't use to be, he use to turn into Cujo; growling at anyone who came his way in attempts to keep them all away.  Once a dog has been left alone at a Vets., their behavior is forever changed after that point in time.  So it goes without saying that going back to the place that has such bad memories puts them into a state of stress.  When a dog is stressed it is extremely important to remain calm and attempt to minimize further stress. 

When someone walks into the Vets. with a dog on the end of a long leash, they are not considering anyone else.  They are at that point, what I call mindless.  Think people!!!!  Should you have your dog wandering around saying "hi" to everyone without knowing or caring how the other dogs are feeling?  NO, NO, NO!!  As you walk into the vets office, look around.  Do a visual scan of who is in the office and where you might sit quietly.  I do this all the time but sadly I cannot control other people (although I do a pretty good job at throwing dagger stares).  

Out of control dogs need to be controlled and that means on a VERY short leash.  NO, I do not want your dog talking to my dog at the Vets.  It is not a social visit; not unless I am sitting without my dog and will chat about other dogs.  But as far as a free for all party social for the dogs, NO.  Enter calmly and keep your dog close.  When you sit down, keep your dog close.  Stress levels are high at the Vets and even the most friendly of dog can lash out when stressed.  Think, consider others.  

Extension leashes should truly be banned. Those who use them are typically the people who should never use them.  The Vets. office is definitely not a place for an extension leash.  Keep your dog with you, in your own private circle and do not allow them to muck about.  Many people at the Vets are there for very sad reasons; some dogs are very sick while others are just freaked out.  

Get your zen on and bring your dog in your zen zone with you.  Once you are done, paid and out of the building you can then go back to life as normal.  

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