Playing with strangers

At the horse farm that I wrote about Monday, Elsa got to play with two of the owners dogs. This black and white Bully type named Dora was 8 months old but pretty intense but wanted to play after the initial meet.
Today's blog, Monday's and Tuesday's blogs are all about asking, reading, feedback and watching.  Many people think that you just toss your dog into the ring of life and let them figure it out.  WRONGO.  It is our job to know when and when not to allow interactions.  If we do allow an interaction it is then our job to watch and give our dog feedback.  Those who just sit back and allow their dog to do whatever it likes are failing their dogs. 

When I was speaking to the woman who owned the nice young Labrador that I wrote about yesterday; she told me about a park she goes to with lots of great dogs, except for one.  The dog is known to all and will bully young dogs relentlessly.  She explained how the owner will do nothing, stating "it's what he does."  So when he went after her young Labrador she had to leave the park or risk her Lab being hurt, traumatized or having to defend himself. 

Our dogs depend on us and if we just sit back and let other dogs abuse, bully or attack them without stepping in then they have no one.  Packs stick together, they are there when needed. 

This made me so happy to see Elsa calm and wanting to play with a Bully type.  After being attacked badly by a Bull dog less than a year ago, this was great.  

When the woman who owned this farm met Elsa she asked if her Bulldog Dora could play with her.  I asked "how old?" She was 8 months old and very friendly she told me.  Being that she was a horse person, I trusted her when she said that the dog was friendly. So I thought it would be a great time for Elsa to have a good stress release after the horses.

When she opened the door for Dora, another of her dogs ran out.  Elsa was a bit nervous as the two charged her immediately.  Then the one pictured on the left (below) in the lion clip jumped up on her.  Both Elsa and I told him that she did not appreciate that and he backed off a bit. 

It didn't take long for Dora and Elsa to get into playing.  The lion guy just basically charged and chased Elsa around but did not jump up on her again.  Elsa has a personal space and only those who she knows or quickly assesses as friends are allowed in.

They raced around for about 10 minutes when Elsa broke out of the pack to a nearby building.  I knew immediately what she needed because she left on a mission.  I called to her and she immediately came and I let her into the truck.  She was thirsty and needed water.  She drank a little, we said our goodbyes and headed for home.  

It was a great day for Elsa; with horses, new friends and more exercise.  She was exhausted from her day; stimulus knocks a dog out flat.  She was so tired that she fell asleep in the truck on the way home.     

The initial greeting had been with Elsa on leash.  But after the owner of the farm gave the okay, I let her off so that she could move freely.  She was not a big fan of the guy at the top left, he was more interested in just being the boss and not playing.  But Elsa and Dora had a very good romp, thoroughly enjoying each other.