You can do it! Yes, you can.

"He just will not get in the car," she told me as we head out to the car.  "Oh yes he will" I declared, and yes he did.  "They don't like to wait," the woman told me when we were starting our door bolting work.  "Too bad!"

When we don't like a behavior that our dog exhibits, we can change it.  It may just need a little tweaking or the behavior may need an overhaul.  Can you do it?  Yep.  Many guardians feel powerless with regards to canine behavior.  They don't feel like they can change anything; especially the behaviors that are rooted with a high drive. 

Changing a behavior takes time, determination, commitment and desire from us. We must have the desire to change.  If we just shrug our shoulders and say we can't; well then most definitely we cannot.  You need to have a can do mind set to change something.  Do you hate that your dog dives all over your guests?  Do something about it.  Do you hate that you have to hoist your dog into the back of your car?  Do something about it.  Do you hate that your dog tries to attack every moving thing that passes you on a walk?  Do something about it. 

I have been working on wrapping up my newest book 'And Back Again.'  There are many issues that arise with my dogs and other dogs that I discuss in the book.  Many of the behavior issues with other dogs are shoulder shrug things.  Behaviors that owners claim are "yep, that what he does."  Creating a helplessness about the owner and a huge lack of control.  Control does not have to mean a collar, leash and tight rein.  Control can mean that you acknowledge a behavior that you want to change and changed it.  You are in control of the behavior. 

Whether you want to stop a behavior, start a behavior or just intervene a little, DO IT.  Need help?  Ask for it.  Call in a positive trainer, read a book or get some online help.  A good trainer will sit and listen or watch then come up with a plan for you to implement.  A good trainer will give you the tools to get the job done. 

You can do it! Yes, you can.