One dog?

From the moment they met, there was a special connection.

This is really strange, having one dog I mean.  The last time that I had one dog, I was not married and I've been married for 30 years.  So yes, it is strange to have only one dog in our home.  I have to say that I'm not a fan.  Elsa came into our home as #4 pack member.  Two months later we were down to 3; then another three weeks later, there were only two.  Now there is just Elsa; and for her I am beyond grateful. 

The pack of three when Elsa joined as #4

I am often consulted on adding new dogs to packs.  Many times people want to know if they should get another dog; when they should get another dog and what they should get.  There are many questions to ask if you are pondering the decision.  My biggest recommendation is to only get a second dog if you really want a second dog.  This is typically the advice given to those who have not had two dogs before.  The decision for those who have had two previously is when? 

For me?  I love having two, three and four.  As you know my life revolves around dogs.  This most recent loss has been a difficult one; I feel like I would be good without another for a while.  That said, coming up to four week post loss I am feeling the absence of interaction and connection.  My biggest concern is Elsa.  She is not use to being alone and clearly does not like it.  She is fine and would adjust but I don't want her to adjust. 

My thoughts go to her as I sit at my computer working up photos from a shoot or writing for long hours.  There was not a great deal of action packed activity between Luke and her in the last months, but there was connection.  I was telling my son Brad, just last night how Luke had gotten the "let's play" look on him just two nights before the last.  His heart was still in the game but his body could not follow through.  So much of what Elsa is missing is the "just being" a part of a canine companionship. 

I am doing my best to get her out, switch things up and have friends over.  But she is missing a companion.  Sure I am her companion but I am not a dog, not by a long shot.  I cannot give her what she needs unless I find her a companion.  When I add a dog to our family, I want the best for that dog and every other dog that joins us.  I know she could deal, she would be fine and adjust; but that is not good enough for me.  I want her to be happy, really truly happy.  I don't like the feeling I get when I see her sitting alone.  

It will make me happy to see her happy.  It always makes me happy to see my dogs having a good time, enjoying life.  That can mean having fun with other dogs, going for a walk just with me or a new adventure.  But life is about sharing; it is always better with someone you love by your side.  She has us but she needs a special canine by her side as well.  Elsa needs someone and I am searching the universe for that man.

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