I see images

Taken this morning at 6:25 as I wrote this blog. 

As a longtime professional dog photographer I find it hard not to see images. 

Image:  a physical likeness or representation of a person, animal, or thing, photographed, painted, sculptured, or otherwise made visible.

My cell phone regularly tells me that there is no more room for more.  When I have time, I go through and delete what I don't need or have already used to make room for more images.  If you went through my phone you would see a sea of golden locks.  How many photos have I taken of Luke and Elsa?  Dozens on a daily basis surely.  Between the golden poodles you would see other dogs, family and friends in my images. 

But it doesn't stop there, I don't just shoot dogs.  When you are a photographer and you have been shooting for years, you can't not see images.  I love to shoot anything that catches my eye; but typically it is something that has great emotion.  All photographers are different and what people like to look at as far as images is different.  Photography is a very, very personal thing.  I am more a candid, lifestyle photographer; I do not like posed images and cringe at the idea of being a studio photographer. 

I like stuff around, life represented in a photo.  But again, what I like to shoot and look at may be entirely different from others.  My subject or model can be a mere speck in a photo or just a speck of them can fill my frame. 

I see images daily.  Just the other day Elsa and I were at the park; a young Mother and her adorable blonde fifteen month old were playing which would have made some amazing images.  His curly blonde locks were lit up by the early morning sun and his Mother chased him around with a smile on her face.  Beautiful images. 

One huge and wonderful thing that comes from being a photographer is seeing the world around you.  A favorite saying of mine is "it is the little things in life."  I truly believe that the important things in life are the little things but the images of little things can be the most powerful as well.  In our hustle and bustle life, we often don't see or take note of the little things.  Being a photographer makes you see things that others may not.  I love that about being a photographer.  

Seeing the light is another gift to the photographer.  It took me a long time to see the light but now I cannot not see it.  Light is powerful in images and when used correctly it can turn an okay image into something magical.  I like to use what Mother nature gives us and when it comes to light I am the same.  Of course there are times when there just is not enough light so I do use a flash but only when really needed to capture a moment.  

I am a true believer that you do not need a big fancy camera to take good images.  Of course there are times when you do and if I don't have mine in hand at a particular time when I want it, then I can get frustrated.  My good camera is amazing but it does not work on it's own, someone is behind it pushing the buttons.  How many times have I heard from people "wow, what kind of camera do you have?" When looking at my photos.  Well, yes, I do have a really great camera but many of my most amazing moments captured were done with my cell phone.  Like the one above of Elsa sleeping beside me as I write this.  Amazing.  

I have to say that I love cell phones for that.  Mine is my constant companion and allows me to capture moments when I don't have my big camera with me.  

The gift in life to the photographer; seeing life in a series of beautiful images.  :)

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