The Ruffwear Front Range Harness

The Ruffwear Front Range harness

I LOVE this harness and Elsa seems to find it very comfortable.  It is easy to put on and take off which is a big concern for me.  It is very easy to put on and adjust and removal is just as quick and easy.  

I also want it to be comfortable for my dog (Elsa); which is the first and most important matter.  The whole idea of a harness is comfort; so that there is no pressure on the dogs neck, this fits the bill.  It has padding where padding should be but it not overly bulky.  

The harness has a hook up on the back and the front of the harness.  I can hook up to either for Elsa as she is not a puller.  The front chest hook up is wonderful if you are in "training mode" as far as learning not to pull on the leash.  The back hook up can be used for those dogs who do not have a pulling and/or dragging issue.  

Elsa is a Standard Poodle (yes really!) standing 24" tall and around 43 lbs.  She wears a medium.

Many of you know that I am a gear fanatic; but my "go to" gear must be utility, meaning I have to want to use it.  Gear is only as good as it is useful right?  Right.  

This very comfortable Ruffwear harness comes in four colors and five sizes.  The pink would have looked amazing on Elsa but orange is nice too.  ;)  

I am often asked about harnesses and leashes and love to share what I like and don't like.  This one is a two thumbs up for me and if you see Elsa and I out and about you will see her in this smashing orange harness.  

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