Three months

The sun rising on a new day. 

We have been without our Luke now for three months.  Yesterday was what I call a Luke day.  Around each corner, every glance out to the yard and movement I made throughout the day brought the memory of Luke.  It is getting easier.  Sometimes the thought of him now brings a smile which is great and progress.  Although most still bring heartache which is natural when you lose a canine soul mate.  It will get better and better with more time under our belt. 

Time keeps going and so must we.  Grief is an extremely personal thing; just like the amazing relationship which causes the grief.  Step by step we go through the days ahead of us without our dog by our side.  Luckily I have Elsa by my side taking those steps with me.  Plus my added concern about her well being "after Luke," keeps me focused on her instead of me.  Sure, there are times when it is all about me; it has to be about us sometimes or you may never make it through.  Letting those grief days come is essential to moving past them. 

The lessons are starting to come now.  Those little life lessons that Luke snuck in on our day to day; and that is what it is all about.  Luke had much training over the years but it is the lessons that he gave me that are the important ones.  While I was teaching him, he was teaching me.  Many don't realize how much our dogs teach us.  But when you give your heart and soul to a dog it can only be a good thing.  It may not always be an easy thing, but it is most certainly good, good for the human in us all. 

January 15th was a day that our lives were forever changed.  It is not a day to remember but a marker; a point in life when everything was altered.  It is merely a date that lets me take inventory of how we are doing with regards to time.

I share my steps with you all because I know how many are walking the same walk through their day to day.  Anyone who loves with all they have will hurt at some point.  You are not alone, you are part of a wonderful group who have loved and lost that love.  I consider myself so amazingly lucky to have shared Luke's life with him; to be called "Luke's Mom."   It was love at first sight and it will continue throughout my life; that love will never fade. 

He gave me the greatest gift that he could, his heart to keep forever in mine.