A dog by our side-connection in the moment

Are you in the here and now?  I sometimes looked down at my dogs and think "I didn't see you today."  Even though I'd was home and beside my dogs for most of the day.  Life is busy, it is busy for everyone; but sometimes our days just seem to be crazier than others.  I try very hard to be in the here and now.  Funny how being in the moment can be difficult and something that we need to work on. 

When my days get a bit out of control it is typically direction challenges.  I have things to do in all different directions, which keeps my brain completely occupied. Books, online consultations, photo shoots, personal errands etc. etc.  So if I've got too much on my mind I can forget to come back down into the moment.  Blogging grounds me, whether it is this dog blog or my workout blog; it tends to bring me back down to the moment.   Whereas writing books tends to take me away to somewhere else.  Funny. 

Elsa is very good at letting me know when I need to come back home.  She nudges my arm gently until she gets my attention.  Once we've made the connection she uses her eyes, that communication that she is so astute at.   Elsa has a lot to say and when she talks I try to always listen. 

Some people go through life never connecting with their dog or other people for that matter.  They live in their home with a dog, go for walks and even car rides without ever connecting.  Connecting means being in the here and now.  Yep, that "living in the moment" saying.  But it takes work and the busier you are the harder it is to be in the moment.  To stop thinking about the day ahead, the events of yesterday and be right there in the moment that you are in. 

I am a huge multitasker, like many other folks.  At any one moment I may be doing ten different things.  But when you do this, you are not in the moment.  Multitasking is good but only for short bursts, when things need to get done.  These type of days seems to fly by and be forgotten.  Many crazy multitasking days end up with me asking myself "what the heck did I do today?"  Sometimes you must direct all your attention to the task at hand.  That means dropping everything else from your brain and allowing the moment to be that one individual thing.  Your dog.

Elsa and I have had one connection already this morning.  Penny is still in her crate so Elsa has my undivided attention for snuggling and talking.  She is asleep now as I blog and soon Penny will be up to enjoy the day with us.  Life can get crazy for us all.  It is so very important to go through the day taking connection moments.  Put the phone down, turn off the t.v., get off the computer and connect, be in the moment. 

Walking with your dog?  Enjoy the time watching them enjoy it.  Feeding your dog?  Have a conversation while you prepare their food and sit with them while they eat.  Take the time to savor the moment.  Make connections throughout your day.  Life is too short to look back and have missed it all.