Wow, I hadn't even realized that it's been 5 days since I last wrote a blog.  You know you are busy when.  I've been busy with lots of different things. A few things on the agenda have been wrapped up and put away; but there are a couple that are lingering.  Tomorrow I will try to get back to my same'ole.  Today Elsa and I took the day off from walking.  Like us, sometimes our dogs need a day off.  If you faithfully workout day in and day out, ya gotta rest and so does your dog.  Elsa is a highly athletic girl and when she is exercising it is not a mosey type walk around the park; it is a power walk and sprinting.  She does nothing halfway.  It is all or nothing for Miss Elsa.

Not every day is filled with working out the body; some days we focus on the mind, but those become less and less with adulthood.  Every once in a while we'll hit the outdoor mall, walk the streets or go to the beach.  Lots of mental stimulus on those days but not so much physical exercise.  It is funny how much mental stimulation can knock a dog out without any physical excursion.

But today was a day off, no mental stuff; although we did do ball in the yard.  When I garden, Elsa retrieves.  She is a retrieving maniac and when she sees my garden bucket come out, she's on it.  She immediately starts dropping her ball into my bucket.  So she is getting a bit of a workout but nothing like the typical power workout.  A day of rest, Elsa style. 

I'm a home body and as such I love nothing more than a whole day spent at home.  No training, no photo shoots, just home, Elsa and I.  If you tend to be the workout type; love to exercise, then you surely take days off, right?  The more you workout the more important it is to take days off.  On Elsa's day off she tends to catch up on rest.  She is not a great day sleeper; if there is anything going on she is not sleeping.  Although she does sleep really great at night and loves her early morning snuggle sleeping.  

Rest is an important part of exercise.  All work and no rest is not good for anyone, including our dogs.  Mondays tend to be our dog day off; this is due to action filled weekends and then a need for rest.  So take a day, put your feet up and let your dog take the day to rest.  If you've earned it, take it.