Happy Father's Day

The best Dog Father I know!
To all the amazing Dog Dads out there, this is your day.  I hope you have an amazing one, you deserve it.  But really, everyday is your day with a dog by your side.  When you are a Dog Dad, every moment spent with your dog is a great day. 

Who welcomes you with a tornado of emotion when you walk through the door?  Your dog.  Who waits to hear those few words "walk with Daddy?"  Your dog. 

You throw the frisbee, chuck the ball and hang onto the other end of tug-o-war endlessly, for  your dog.  You skip that extra hour of sleep just so you can go for a run with your dog. 

You wrap your invisible cloak of protection around your member/members of the canine species.  You brush, pick burrs out and even pick up poop (which is amazing in itself).

You have given pieces of your heart away to a dog.  But those pieces come back to stay as memories when you are a Dog Dad.  Everyday is a great day when  you are a Dog Dad.

Celebrate.  This is your day.