The Big Bang

It's that time of year again, the day that many dogs would dread if they knew that it was almost upon them.  July 4th in the USA and July 1st for Canadians.  July 1st is tomorrow so to all the Canadian dogs out there, hang tight; it will be over soon.  All across the internet you will read about things you should do for your dog on fireworks days.  But there will still be people who do not take precautions; there will be lost dogs, terrified dogs and worse. 

So here are a few DON'Ts.


- take your dog to a fireworks display.
- take your dog to crowded and hot daytime celebrations.
- leave your dog in the yard when you go off to celebrate the day or evening.
- leave any possibility for your dog to escape your home if you are not there.
- coddle your dog.
- make the loud booming a big deal.
- act out of the ordinary each time there is a boom.


- stay home with your dog if you know they are fearful.
- make sure that there is NO way out of the house for your fearful dog if you must go out.
- leave the radio on.
- leave the television on.
- leave a fan or two on and the AC, the more noise the better.
- if you are at home with your dog, pretend it is a day like any other.
- try to do something your dog LOVES.
   Tilley use to be terrified of fireworks.  We use to get her ball out and attempt that; it took a while but finally worked being that she was a crazed retriever type dog. '
- watch a LOUD movie with some yummy snacks. 
- try your best not to flinch at the sounds, ignore them.
- ignore your dog's fearful reaction.
- talk upbeat and happy to your dog, especially if you see signs of relaxing.
 - check collar/ harness connection if you take your dog with you. 
- make sure that there is sufficient ID on your dog. 

A dog who is in a state of panic will run given the opportunity.  You may think that your dog would just bolt and keep going but they do.  When a dog is in such a fearful state they will not hear or see anything, they just run.  Safety is the key to keeping them safe.  A level of safety is needed that calls for above and beyond on fireworks days.

  - check, recheck and check again that there is no way your dog can escape.

It is always best to stay home on these days.  Unfortunately for those fearful dogs, there will be booming before and after the actual fireworks.  People love to shoot off their own and use firecrackers.  I wish people would think about all the terrified animals before they do this, but they don't.  So keep your dog safe.  Be vigilant. 

July 1st and 4th are wonderful days of celebration.  BUT, they have also become days of dread for many.  Stay on top of the safety and don't forget that your dog is watching you.  If you are having fun then it will be a lot less scary.  But please don't take them to the celebration, celebrate at home.