A new Vet for Elsa

Dr. Adam Lassin

Okay, someone pinch me.  Really? I've really truly found my new vet?  Yesterday Elsa and I took a drive to Garden Grove to visit the newish Hemopet Holistic Care facility.  I've been to Hemopet to photograph the Greyhounds quite a few times but have never had my dog with me.  It felt strange to have Elsa by my side as I entered the building.  As soon as you walk in, the office is on the right; a nice new office has been built for the Holistic Care.  

I immediately recognized the girl behind the counter.  She was the Mom of one of the Grey's I'd shot for my book.  We chatted about the new place while Elsa schmoozed.   

First thing to get done was a weight on Elsa.  She stepped up onto the scale; sat as I asked her and waited.  She stared at me waiting for her release; still wagging in her sit position.  47.3 lbs.  With an "okay" she hopped off and went to meet anyone and everyone she could; while whipping me to death with her tail.  47 lbs, funny, Tilley weighed 47 lbs her entire adult life.  

There was no waiting around; we were quickly taken to room number one of two.  Elsa was both excited and anxious; she wasn't quite sure what we were doing at this new place.  She had her scenting on overdrive and smelled every spot that held information for her to sniff out.  First the tech came in and asked questions about Elsa; her diet, activity level and general health.   He left and we waited for the vet.  

She listened to everything going on.  This girl doesn't miss a thing.

So anxious to meet whoever came in. 
Once Dr. Adam Lassin came through the door; Elsa gave him her normal exuberant greeting.  Although you could tell that she still wasn't sure what was going to be going on.  Dr. Lassin and I talked a great deal about health and dogs.  Titers, maintenance, vaccines, blood work etc. etc.  He answered every question I had, in detail.  Next was a physical for Elsa. 

Elsa checking out the new guy, Dr. Lassin.

She has to know everything that is going on.  

Heart good, pulse good, hips good.  :) 

All checked out by Elsa, she quickly trusted Dr. Lassin.

After her physical, Elsa needed her blood drawn for titers, blood panel and a few other basic tests.  Two techs came in but they allowed me to be with Elsa while the draw was done.  This is something that is important to me; although I understand that not everyone wants to watch or participate.
Blood is drawn from the jugular so she had to remain very still.   The best way to do this is to back her into a corner and hold her head straight up.  She was very good as they drew her blood.  Once it was done she shook and was back to her wagging self.  Elsa has not had her blood drawn like this before.  I've done it with all my other dogs and Luke had it done quite a bit.  It is a good idea to practice this type of hold for when it needs to be done.

With a clean bill of health, and her blood drawn we were good to go.  Dr. Lassin came in again before we left; letting me know when the results for the titers would be in.  

 I already got the results last evening, four paws up.  Below are the results from her titer.  Elsa's last vaccines were her puppy shots and she has great immunity.  Yay.   

I am so excited to have found somewhere that I feel so comfortable.  A Veterinarian that believes in the things that I believe in.  I have found my new vet.  

I was thrilled to see a few images from my Greyhound book on the wall of the Holistic Care.  Hmmm, think Elsa needs to be up there.