Happy 4th

Happy Birthday to my wonderful girl Elsa.  She is 4 years old today and in her four years she has been through a lot.  Elsa joined our family as #4 canine; after #1, fifteen year old Jessie (JRT), #2, fourteen year old Tilley and #3, eleven year old Luke.  She fit in like she was meant to be; popping out of her crate and into our lives.  Her assimilation was immediate and flawless.  

Not long after she joined us we started a new life journey.  A great deal changed for us over the next few months when Elsa was still just a puppy.  We lost our #1 and #2 only weeks apart.  It was then Luke and Elsa who would forever change me, us and many others of you who follow along.  As you know it is now just Elsa.  From #4 to #1, much has changed for her.  

Elsa has to the be the happiest girl I've ever met.  She adores life and everyone of her people and dogs in it.  Once you have been given the label of Elsa's friend, you are in for life.  Being Elsa's friend you will always be the recipient of a cup runneth over greeting and warm welcome; to Elsa, friends are everything.

Just arrived. 

So to my amazing girl Elsa (who by the way is the original; after Elsa the lion that is) and her siblings; a very Happy 4th birthday.  Here's looking at many, many more.