Creatures of habit

The sun is just coming up and Elsa is slung across my legs.  She has to be touching, if not laying across me at some point on my body.  It's cold, really cold for California; the temperature is hovering in the high 30s so I don't mind the heaviness of her nice warm body over me.  This is Elsa's favorite time of day and as long as I stay in bed, so will she.  Even when I muster up enough courage to quickly get out of bed; throw my robe on and go down to grab my coffee, she stays put.  She loves her mornings, Luke taught her all about it.  

I remember wondering if I'd ever be able to have my morning routine once Elsa joined us.  She was always an early riser and ready to go the minute her feet hit the ground.  Now at 4.5 years of age she has not only learned about the joy of chill'n but loves it.  She stays snuggled in bed while I go get my coffee and Perfect bar for us to share.  She looks forward to our first breakfast; she LOVES perfect bars like I do.  I find them a quick and healthy start to the day.  I hit the gym very early and just need a little something with my coffee.  Sharing the bar makes it a perfect portion for us both to start our day.  

As I crawl back into bed, Elsa is ready for her portion of my breakfast.  I always give her about a third of the bar at the start and then that's it.  I don't want her hovering over me while I eat the rest so she knows once she has a few bites that she is done.  She settles back on over my legs and is quickly twitching in her sleep as I write.  I am either working on one of the two books that are currently under way or here on this blog.  

Funny how everything changes once the bar, coffee and writing is done.  One gesture that I am getting out of bed for the day; she is up instantly and ready to go.  We head downstairs again and out she goes into the cold.  She isn't out long and back up on the bed again for her after breakfast treat.  Elsa watches me carefully after her snack.  Depending on what I put on will let her know what will unfold.  Typically it is gym clothes so then she will usually go and watch what's going on outside or hit the couch downstairs.  She knows I'm going to the gym.  

The pre-breakfast and after pre-breakfast snack that Elsa gets in morning is all planned out timing wise.  After I return from the gym, Elsa and I head out for more exercise.  I'm not at the gym long, I'm not a gym rat so I'm in and out and on with the day.  I don't want Elsa's stomach full when she power runs nor do  want her throwing up in the morning because she is hungry; so her snacks give her just enough to fuel her workout without having a full stomach.  

Once we are home from all of our working out, there is the rest hour and then it's Elsa's full breakfast time.  Elsa likes to workout in the morning, just like I do.  I try to switch up what we do as far as our outings and keep Miss Smarty pants on her toes.  Yesterday she had her BFF over to play.  They run and run and run and brawl.  She was exhausted when he left but after a good nap she's ready to go again.  She's a high energy girl who is always ready for whatever our day offers.  

As high energy as she is, she has also learned about the joy of going to bed early.  That too was taught to her by Luke.  She was a typical "I don't want to go to bed" gal until Luke showed her the way.  She will often head up before me if I'm lagging.  A couple of weeks ago she even put herself out to pee; came in, looked at us and head up to bed.  Funny girl.  Now, time to hit the gym.  

Have a great day.