Elsa, the one and only.

hings have changed a great deal for Elsa in her life so far.  She went from being dog #4 to #1 within four years.  

Who is Elsa?  

Elsa is my constant companion, the dog by my side.  When I look down, she is there.  Without trying to sound like a bragger; she is most amazing.  ;)  

Dogs are simple; that is, once you "get" them.  They are simple in their agenda in life.  Surprisingly very few people truly "get" dogs.  We tend to throw a human cloak over them and understand them as such.  But they are far more than humans in fur coats.  They are masters of communication and once you realize how to communicate with them, everything is better. 

Our canine companions are simple yet complicated.  Like us, each is an individual.  They have likes, dislikes, natural skills and adaptability.  The complicated part of a dog is who they are; all the nitty, gritty little pieces that make them special.  

So as Elsa growls and twitches in her sleep at my side; I thought I'd share a bit about who she really is.  

Elsa is a high drive, scary intelligent, devoted, human adoring, food loving, enthusiastic gal with an amazing sense of humor.  Her favorite thing in life is her ball, the chase and catch.  She is a maniac retriever and will drop anything and everything for a game of fetch.  She is high energy, just like her human Daddy; which makes them a match made in heaven.  ;) 

Her love for the human race is quite honestly, immense.  She is very literally a force to be reckoned with when we have visitors; as she is sure that everyone has come to see only her.  :)  Being a new Grandma, I wondered how she would feel about the babies.  At first she had no idea what the screaming little bundles were.  But within a few days of intense investigation, they became her babies.  She not only tolerates them, she adores them.  I believe there have only been two people in her life that she was unsure about and she was correct in her assessment. 

 Elsa is very bossy, or at least she tries to be.  She is a very typical female in that if she is busy doing something important, that is what she is doing.  She will get back to you when she is done; which works best with Dad, not so much Mom.  

She is a very touchy feely gal.  If you have ever had a snuggling dog that needs to be touching; if not on top of you constantly, they are a breed apart.  She adores hugging, kissing and affection of any type from her inner circle.  Elsa learned very early on if she assumes the upside down, feet to the ceiling, tail wagging position, that someone will most likely join her on the floor.  Her tail is in constant motion and I never grow tired of watching what it has to say.    

I am sure that she loves food as much as I do.  She has her likes and dislikes but is a joy to feed.  After having a fussy man who didn't seem to like anything, feeding Elsa is very easy.  

She is an amazing athlete.  She was built to run and her physique is perfect for it as is her desire to do so.  Elsa is an all round utility type athlete; she is pretty much up for anything.  Her endurance is boundless and her strength, immeasurable. 

She is a fast learner.  When I say fast, she is fast at catching on and at the speed in which she deals with learning.  She is the type of dog that seems to say "okay, got it, next."  Her movement is fast and one must be on their toes while attempting to train a new behavior.  She can be defiant when she deems something useless but will eventually and always comply. 

Along learning at lightening speed; she is an amazing teacher and takes her job in that department quite seriously.  She is amazing with puppies.  She is patient and tolerant but dishes out discipline and teaches lessens when needed.  Any puppy who has the privilege of learning from her will learn a great deal in a short time.  
Elsa's list of vocabulary understanding is large.  We often spell words but then she learns how to spell them so we have to switch words up.  She picks up words in conversation easily and learns new words and names with a couple of repetitions.  

She loves couch or bed time and her favorite time of day is morning.  She will stay in bed as long as we do.  Elsa is an early to bed type gal (Luke taught her that).  Just the other night she went out the dog door to pee; then came in, looked at us watching t.v. and head up to bed an hour before us. 

I could go on and on and on, but I will leave you with this.  Elsa is most amazing.  She is very much an individual, like the rest of the canine species.  It just takes getting to know the nitty gritty.  :)