Good food for fido (Elsa)

Another great recipe for the book.

Yesterday I scored a bag of fresh limes from a neighbor.  He posted that he had a plethora of tart limes that he wanted to share.  He hated the idea of letting them rot on the tree and I have to agree with him.  I wish more people would share fruit that they aren't going to eat.  It is sad to see them shriveling away when people could eat, utilize and enjoy them.  I asked him if he had a dog when we picked up the limes; telling him I was going to make dog cookies with them.  He said "that's a first for my limes," and smiled looking into the car at Elsa.  

Happily they will make it into the cookbook.  They are good, really good and Elsa gives them a four paws up I believe.  She stood staring at the plate of cookies until they were cool enough; then followed them to their final destination, the cookie jar.  She had two before bed last night (I had one) and one already this morning.  
I had not thought of making lime cookies for the book until I had a bag of limes in hand!

After the cookies were made I head off to the store for protein.  I love having a wide variety of protein for Elsa (and I) on hand.  So I grabbed some bison burgers (for Elsa), grass fed beef (for Elsa), organic chicken, wild caught cod and turkey breast.  Arriving home I got my customary greeting but it was short lived as Elsa forced her head into the bag.  She followed the bag to the kitchen wagging furiously as I asked "what did Mommy buy for you?"  

She watched intently as I prepped each dish with and placed all the protein into the oven.  I set a pot on top of the stove to simmer some quinoa and then we head out to play ball while it all cooked. 

 Elsa and I had turkey last night; she had hers with arugula, power greens, quinoa, cranberry and egg shells.  While I enjoyed my turkey on top of the a salad of arugula, power greens and quinoa.  Eating good feels good; feeding good food to Elsa feels great.  I love cooking good food for her and she is the loves it.

Food is fuel for our body; we should buy the best we can to fuel our dogs as well as us.  The dog by our side deserves the best.