Subtle and personal signs in our dogs

My view waking up this morning.  A good sign.  

I sat and stared at her; I used my peripheral vision to watch and followed along when she moved.  She was not getting out of my sight.  Yesterday Elsa was acting strange.  I awoke to the glorious sound of heaving.  Tearing down the stairs and fumbling with the lock, out she went.  I thought that maybe her dinner had been lighter than normal.  I quickly went over her meal in  my head and decided that it was pretty usual.  Hmmmmmm?

We head back upstairs where I gave Elsa some morning snack.  "Now she'll be fine," I thought to myself.  She was off the bed in a flash with that "I gotta puke" face on.  Downstairs we went and she did puke.  Now I was worried; but assumed it must be an upset stomach from her antibiotics.  She did the usual perimeter check of her yard; sniffing the footsteps that each critter had taken during the night.  Not a step is missed as she assesses the visitors who come only in the darkness.  

Later in the morning came the bows.  Elsa stretched herself out in a bow; along with her neck.  I watched and wondered.  She settled down on her bed beside me in the office for a nap; then shot up like a bullet and bowed again.  She quickly turned to look at her rear end and then arched her back.  All of these physical actions are quite normal for me; Luke use to have an upset stomach monthly.  But Elsa had never shown these symptoms yet and I realized that this was not normal, not for Elsa.  Her stomach was really bothering her.  

When this happened to Luke, it was time to get food into him.  He never wanted food because he didn't feel good; but it was the only thing that would make him feel better.  I would go and get out his favorite food; and if he wouldn't eat it on his own, I'd get it into him.  I ran downstairs to get some food for Elsa; I could only imagine how her stomach was feeling, empty and on antibiotics. She wasn't interested so I coaxed and coaxed.  Nothing.

I decided that I should get a  Gas-x into her.  Not that I thought it was bloat, but just in case.  I poured a bowl of turkey broth and mixed in a gas-x. Since this all started, Elsa has become increasingly aware and suspicious of anything I mix up for her.  She is insanely smart and knows only too well that pills are hidden in some of the best food.  Thankfully the Gas-x was candy flavored and she drank it down. 

The stretching and general unease continued; so I made the call to the vet.  I'm thrilled to have found a vet who is close to me that will squeeze me in.  When you need to see the vet, the last thing you want to hear is "no, completely booked."  Though my new vet was booked solid he took my call personally and told me to come in. Though I was pretty sure that it wasn't bloat; I knew it was something, so off we went. 

I could not believe that we were going to the vet again.  Elsa has been one of those "healthy as a horse," dogs.  I guess the saying "it never rains" is fitting for us right now.  We do not like to go to the vet and I am not one to run off to the vet at every little thing.  But when you need a vet it is really great to have one that you like.   

Elsa trotted alongside the tech; off to have her x-rays done.  I sat with a churning stomach in the waiting room.  They were back very quickly and Elsa charged over; diving on top of me then up onto the seat by my side.  We waited and watched the other dogs in the room.  Soon my Vet came out and motioned for me to follow him.  Elsa and I were taken back to the back room to see the x-rays.  He said "her stomach is really unhappy."  Then proceeded to show and explain everything on the x-ray to me.  

It seems that Elsa did not tolerate the Clavamox she was put on which again was very different from what I am use to.  Tilley was on Clavamox often over the years and never seemed bothered by it. The Vet told me that he had taken clavamox before and suffered with a very bad stomach.  So Miss Elsa is on a new antibiotic this morning.  Because of all the upset she will not have a procedure today.  It is not a good idea to put a dog out when they are in this condition.  Fine with me, as long as the antibiotics are working.  

As always we will keep you posted.