Breeding facilities

Okay, I know I've written about Millers many times before but I'm going to do it again.  Just the other day I was surfing the web looking at breeder pages.  One page lead to another, to another and another.  It doesn't take me very long to distinguish the good from the very bad.  Even within the good and bad classifications there are a wide range.  I stumbled onto a page that boasted of their "facility."  I cringed as I looked at the huge building with a long hallway lined with cage doors.  My stomach was in knots as I thought about the dogs on the other side of those doors. 

I almost clicked away as it is so hard for me to look at these type of things.  But I stayed and surfed around the lies of their web page.  It is important to research and share to others.  Breeding dogs for the soul purpose of making money is very much a reality.  You need to know where not to go. 

No dog should live in a kennel.   The longer I stayed on the page, reading about their facility that was as comfortable as their own home, the angrier I got.  This is not what the canine/human connection is about; dogs are not herd animals, and to think that it is okay to raise dogs in a kennel is a huge statement about how that human feels about dogs. 

"A dog by my side," is a phrase that I use regularly.  No they are not always there but they should not be stuffed away in a kennel.  Dogs are suppose to live in our home with us; you know "man's best friend."  I have said this before and I will say it again.  I do not care how clean a "facility" is; it is still a Miller situation, clean or not.  The offending humans have gotten so deep into the money, money, money thing that dollar signs are all they see.  The almighty dollar has coated everything in sparkling rainbows and they believe their own lies that they spew.  

Oh look, pictures of little children and dogs; they must be wonderful breeders right?  WRONG.  Millers or puppy vendors tend to use buzz words or "in" terminology on their page.  Unsuspecting buyers see those few words and click the "buy now" button.  

I'm actually very surprised at the height of pride that one of the Miller pages had.  Boasting kennel shots with cleaning products included.  "Our kennels are disinfected daily," was one of the boasts on the page.  Disinfected?  Really?  How about nurtured and loved in your home?  The whole scene was very reminiscent of the shelter I use to volunteer at; and any other shelter facility.

Please do not be duped into buying a dog from a Miller.  The Miller status is a wide and varied one.  There are many different types but they are all in one big giant Miller bag as far as I am concerned.  There is only one reason that they are breeding, money.  They don't care about their dogs or their dogs would not be in KENNELS (yes I am yelling.)

It sickens me and I finally had to move off of the page and onto videos of happy frolicking puppies who were being raised by someone who truly cares.  

There are many choices when acquiring a puppy.  Please do not give your hard earned money to people who don't care about their dogs, your dogs or any other dogs for that matter.  Dogs are not a money making endeavor.