T'is the season

A huge ball given to the wolves at the California Wolf Center for entertainment.  Great idea!

A huge ball given to the wolves at the California Wolf Center for entertainment.  Great idea!

The season is upon us and for many of us it is time to think about holiday gifts for our canines.  I love giving, isn't that what the season is all about?  Of course receiving is nice but giving is much more rewarding.  So when it comes to our canine companions, what should we give them this season?  

When I give gifts to humans and canines alike; I go for things that will make the receiver happy.  The whole act of giving is the givers reward, right?  So for my dogs I have always tried to focus on things that will make me happy to give to them.  That means thinking about them.  Elsa and the extended family canines will be receiving stuffed toys.  They all LOVE them to bits so a stuffed thing is a must.  I purchased all my stuffed things months ago; it is an easy gift to cross off the list.  Sure to please all the recipients.  :)

But what else would be a good gift?  A new comfortable bed would be a great idea.  Although it won't be something that I buy.  I've got a stock of them in storage because other than my office Elsa is on the furniture.  A new harness would be a great idea; get that collar off their neck and put them into a comfy harness.

How about some yummy cookies?  I'm really fussy in this department.  Ever taste a dog cookie before?  Most are horrible and taste pretty much like cardboard.  I like to make my own and just happen to have our Just Dogs with Sherri 2017 cookie club here on the website.  That would be a wonderful gift to give your dog; a promise to make healthy treats for them this year.  I like to taste what I'm giving Elsa as far as cookies go.  I feel very strongly that if we should not eat them then we shouldn't be giving them to our dogs.  

How about something to chew?  Safe and healthy chews are out there, you just have to look for them.  How about a bag of raw oxtails?  Mmmmmmm, nothing says I love you like a cow tail to chew on.  

What about a new coat?  As most of my long time readers know; I'm not a fan of clothing for dogs unless of course they need it for warmth, then I'm all over it.  Comfort is huge so I like the really stretchy coats for extended use and the big fluffy ones for real warmth.  

How about some obedience classes?  Agility, scenting, flyball etc etc?  

Whatever you're thinking about giving your dog this season; think about your dog first.  And the best gift of all for human or canine is always your time.  Promising to give the gift of yourself is never a bad idea.  

Happy Holidays