Are you strangling your dog?

I was driving down the street today when I noticed a large but young Siberian Husky out of the corner of my eye.  I stopped at the red light and had a better look at the big boy.  He was with a young girl and he was very literally dragging her down the street.  They got to a section where there was some construction on the sidewalk and had to veer around it.  

The Siberian had other plans; he wanted to visit with the guys working on the sidewalk.  The young girl yanked and pulled until he finally followed along unhappily.  He was being strangled while on his walk.  I could see the chain and how tight it was around his neck.  Why do we strangled dogs and think nothing of it?  

I've stopped people to try to educate them on strangling and choking their dog and all but a few have been very angry with me.  "Mind your own business," is what I am usually told.  Isn't it the strangest thing?  If we put a chain around our neck and someone pulled on it we would most definitely freak out; yet people to it all the time without a second thought.  

Dogs are being strangled; some slowly, other very abruptly.  But if you throw a chain, nylon or leather choke collar on your dog and apply pressure, strangling.  

Strangulation - to compress or constrict

This needs to be stopped.  Almost all dogs should wear a harness in my opinion.  Why not?  It's comfortable and there is little chance of injury from it.  

Putting a thin choke collar on your dog and then putting pressure on it is damaging.  There is no question.  Why do we continue?  Because we tend to be a society of non thinkers.