Dogs and "ah ha" moments

The quiet moment before the fog lifts

The quiet moment before the fog lifts

"Ah ha" moments, the phrase that Oprah made famous.  Most of us have "ah ha" moments throughout our lives and it can be a huge catalyst to change.  As far as our dogs are concerned, they too have "ah ha" moments.  They learn and have huge life altering moments like us.  We also have canine "ah ha" moments when living with dogs and learning from them.

One of my big "ah ha" moments was years ago when I shaved my boy Clyde completely.  You can read about it here in an article that was done on me several years back.  The article was suppose to be about the book that I had just published but they picked up on the "ah ha" moment and loved it.  It was a moment when I realized that I wasn't doing what I loved anymore.  So much time spent on hair, washing, fluffing and clipping, for what?  I knew for sure that Clyde did not enjoy standing for hours at a time being brushed and primped so off it came, all of it; and I never looked back.  

The moment for me was huge; no more poofy poodles for me.  The "ah ha" hey like all other dogs were one in the same; albeit donning a different exterior.  Don't get me wrong, I think that Standard Poodles are unbelievably amazing.  I have lived with one, two or more at a time for over 30 years.  But they are not amazing because they can sport fancy hair; they are amazing for who they are on the inside. This was a turning point in my life.

I have always loved dogs.  I can't remember a time when I wasn't thinking about dogs is some shape or form.  They fascinate me just by being dogs.  

There have been many "ah ha" moments over the years, living with and training dogs.  I love when it happens and sometimes it happens in a big way.  As if someone knocks you on the forehead with education sledgehammer.  If we pay attention to our dogs there is no doubt to be many, many "ah ha" moments.  

Sometimes in training I am perplexed by a behavior; but when I sit and watch quietly, blocking out everything but the dog and environment , the answer can come quickly.  That "ah ha" can be monumental.

Our dogs "ah ha" moments can be just as monumental.  

What is an "ah ha" moment?  A juncture in time when everything becomes clear.  The fog lifts away and you are left with a clear and precise message.  "AH HA!!!"