Self centered human

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Have you ever met someone that you thought was a good person; only to find out down the road that they are very far from being good. Some people think they are wonderful yet exhibit behaviors that others would never consider. Self centered humans do things that show their true and horrible colors. Those who take, take, take without a second thought to the wake of destruction that they leave in their path. They don’t care who they hurt as long as they themselves are happy.

Sadly, I’ve met many of these folks and I wish I hadn’t. These hideous people have many different agendas. Greed, a sense of entitlement and the me complex all come from being self-absorbed, self-obsessed, self-seeking, self-interested, self-serving. Self, self, self.

Self:  a person's nature, character, etc.:

Good people make mistakes but those who continue and continue to tromp upon others to reach their own personal goal are not good. We have a choice who we deal with and create relationships with in our life. Those people who think about just themselves can be easily weeded out by us. It is all up to us.

Puppy Millers would fit into the self centered category. Do they care about the dogs they breed? No, they do not. They do not care about the adults they have stuffed in cages, the puppies who are going to new homes or those people who are buying their puppies. All they care about is the money that puppy buyers put into their hands. They are some of the worst.

There are good and bad all around us.

There will always be good and bad people. Choosing to deal with those who do good for others; put others before themselves and always strive to do better are those who I like to have in my day to day. The people who step on top of and over other folks to get where they or what they want, not so much. I don’t want them in my life.

When dealing with dogs, choose the best. Choose the breeder, rescuer, Veterinarian, kennel, dog sitter and trainer ;) who really cares. I’ve met people in all of these above walks of life who should never be doing what they do. In fact my poor old Tilley and I were asked to never return to a Veterinarian when I asked to be with her while she had her blood drawn. Does this sound right to you? Didn’t think so. The same Veterinarian was the one who completely misread here blood work; thinking that a high white cell count was nothing to worry about. After going to another Vet and handing over her blood results he quickly saw a big problem.

Many of these unscrupulous types have a huge fear of being found out. They are very secretive about everything they do; keeping their “public image” as intact as they can for as long as they can. But the truth has a way of coming out and when it does it spreads like wildfire.

I have seen many of these scenarios play out and the path of lies and deceit that unfold can be unbelievable. It is almost unimaginable to know what some people will do to others, be it animal or other human.

Life is filled with good and bad. With research we can sift through and find the ones that we want to deal with, no matter what type of dealing that is.

Honesty is the core of someone great.

No human is perfect, but if they are honest, there in lies the best part.

I remember making a call to a rescue group years ago. I asked if I could come to see a particular dog that they had at their facility. They did everything in their power to persuade me not to come. Even so much as telling me they could drive the dog to me. Honest? I think not.

Another call I made to a rescue of Giant sized dogs several years back uncovered some big time lies after much digging.

Research is important; not funding or supporting unscrupulous, self centered people is important when we want to do what is right. It is the base of why you should never buy from a pet store. Do we want to support those who subject dogs to horrendous cruelty? Nope.

The world is filled with good and bad. Thankfully the good outweigh the bad. Meeting, dealing and getting to know those great ones is what makes this world of ours a great place. Toss the bad.

I feel blessed to have met so many amazing and wonderful people in my life. :)