Dogs and babies - an update


It’s been a while, a whole month actually since I blogged. Since then, we have added two more human babies to our every growing family. #4 and #5 grandbabies arrived happy and healthy. Both Mamas and babies are doing wonderfully and this Grandma could not be more excited.

Little Riggs has been in constant training and is doing great. He is house trained, which is a wonderful thing to get behind us. We are in training mode pretty much all the time as it should be having a six month old puppy around. He has so much more to learn. Jumping is a thing for him, he is pretty much a kangaroo so not jumping is tough for him. He sleeps wonderfully through the night and gets to have the run of the house with Elsa when I have short errands to do.

Riggs has met three grandsons from early on and enjoys them with much supervision. The almost 2 year old is a bit of a challenge around Riggs but constant supervision, hovering and short interactions is needed. He has met one of the newest babies and other than sniffing, he was not phased, even when she cried for a long while.

Babies are different from adult humans; just like puppies are so different from adult dogs. Many dogs are dog friendly but not puppy friendly; just like lots of dogs are friendly but not so much with babies or toddlers. Supervision is a must, constant supervision. Even with dogs who love babies, you can never become lax.

Elsa (Nanny dog) was introduced to the newest and first granddaughter, Nellie two weeks ago. She was beside herself and licked her toes even inside of her jammies. Elsa is the most amazing dog around her babies; I love how much she loves them. But even she needs constant supervision. And she got to meet the newest little one yesterday, little Odin. She knew right away that there was a new baby in the house and seeked him out; welcoming him into the family, Elsa style. She adores babies just like she adores puppies; Elsa is quite a girl.

As a side note I have been struggling with my email and I am about to give up on it. I may have to change it and all of my business cards etc. Such a hassle but I’ve already spent so many hours trying to figure out what the problem is and Yahoo has been no help at all. I will keep you posted on my FB and IG pages.

I’m working on several new projects and look forward to sharing them with you in the near future.