Dogs are people?


Sorry guys, dogs are not people. Should they be treated like people? Nope. Do they have the same rights as people, nope. Dogs are dogs and how amazing are dogs? Crazy amazing in my opinion.

Our dogs have managed to wiggle their way into our human world where they live side by side with humans. But, the big difference is…they are dogs. I understand where the “dogs are people too,” thing comes from. People don’t like the idea that they are lesser than us. They are not lesser than us, they are simply a different species. And trying to convince others that they are humans does them an injustice.

Different in no way means less, not as good or of lower quality. In fact I think that many dogs are much better “beings” than some humans. But they are not humans and we should celebrate that difference. How amazing is it that we get to live with dogs? Dogs who are descendants of wolves? That in itself is way cool in my books. I often reflect on the “cool” factor of living with dogs. In the world of animals, there are very few that we choose to live with in our homes, by our side.

Dogs should be celebrated for being dogs. As a species they are quite extraordinary. As far as I am concerned, no other animal has done what dogs have done in the scope of living with humans evolution. Let them be dogs and lets love them for being dogs. They are not humans, we often pale in comparison to the dog.