A tiny moment

Saturday morning I hopped in the xterra and head out to pick up my little foster.  I melted as soon as I saw her little face.  She wiggled on her side, squinting and wagging; she was tiny, so very tiny.  Pulling the blanket she lay on closer to me I was able to pick her up and hold her in my arms.  It had been a very long time since I'd held something so small.  We got her things together and we made the trip back to my house.

It is strange when you know nothing about a dog; no background, nothing about the life before she found her way into the rescue group.  I wondered where she was born, if there were more than her in the litter, where her Mother was now.  But when you don't know all that you deal with what is before you; and that was a very tiny and adorable little puppy.  She had what I call a Disney face; the kind that no one can look at without saying awwwww.   A little face filled with tufts of wiry expression.  With the scruffy little face that she had her body was so tiny.  Her two front feet looked like they had been dipped in white paint.  She was a doll for sure.

She took quite a while to warm up to Elsa.  Of course there was a 42lb size difference.  Luke was pretty much as non issue as he was only momentarily interested in her.  At 13 he is so mellow that he pretty much just goes with the flow.  After a while she seemed very comfortable to just lay beside his warm and furry body.  Her day with us was an exhausting one.  From one home to another, to meet new dogs and new routines but she was a trooper.  She stuck to me like glue from the moment we met. 

Watching her tiny 4lb body run around the yard was so different.  She could go where my dogs would have never even considered going.  Tiny crooks and corners she investigated; there in the the tiny world that was hers.  Watching her and Elsa together; I considered how large a person would have to be to me to match their ratio.  A person the height of my house would be about right; can you even imagine?  But Elsa was not going to let size interfere with her fun; no she had plans of her own and they were filled with fun.  Elsa was amazing with this tiny puppy.  She tried her very best to show her how to have fun and do things that only dogs can do.  She was patient and forgiving; relentless in her quest to play with our new house guest. 

By the second day the puppy was starting to quite enjoy Elsa and followed her around the yard.  She was still understandably apprehensive as she should have been.  She was becoming a pack member albeit a four pound one.  Her time with us was short; a mere moment and she was gone.  She found her new forever home with a wonderful family who truly need her in their life.  It doesn't take long to mesh a tiny life into your own.  But she was not meant to stay with us long; no she was here for a tiny moment.  Tiny in every sense of the word but leaving a huge impression in her wake.