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Christmas gift for dogs

Elsa’s pre-Christmas gift which is her absolute favorite and biggest stuffed toy so far.

Elsa’s pre-Christmas gift which is her absolute favorite and biggest stuffed toy so far.

Are you shopping for your canine? A family member’s or friend’s canine? I’m done my canine Christmas shopping for the season. In fact the dogs were all done before one single human gift was purchased. Every canine member of our family is getting a new stuffed toy. Each toy is selected specifically for the individual dog. Size and texture are factored in when selection is done. It’s very scientific (just kidding).

But what past the toy is there to buy the canines in your life? I like things that are useful. A life jacket for that paddle boarding dog. A safety car harness for the dog/s in your life. How about a new walking harness and/or leash? A new dog bed is a great idea for those who use them and are out of the destructo age. ;)

If you live in a climate where it gets chilly or downright cold; how about a nice warm or weather resistant coat? Elsa has a couple of warm coats but she is in need of a waterproof one. We deal mostly with rain although it does get pretty darned cold here in the morning. If I’m putting on gloves to keep my hands warm I think she might need a coat. She lets me know if she is feeling the cold by the amount of shaking she does. Not the trembling kind of shaking but the fluffing her coat up shaking. When our dogs shake their fill their fur with air which helps to keep them warm.

How about some dog training? I have actually been given as a Christmas gift. That is my dog training package, my me personally. LOL ;) Imagine a frustrated guardian opening an envelope that says “help is on the way?” A gift for both the human and the dog which will help to grow their relationship through understanding…priceless.

Another great gift idea for the dogs in your life are homemade cookies. Of course the healthier the better. How about a whole cookie club? You can give the gift of the cookie club to the canine guardian in your life which results in a lot of gifts for their dog.

Healthy treats are a wonderful idea but make sure that the dog receiving the is use to getting different types of treats. We don’t want any upset tummies around the Holidays.

Whatever you plan to gift the dogs in your life, think about the dog itself. Some gift ideas are geared solely around the guardian which I’m not a fan of. Something that both a dog and human can enjoy is the best. Of course when we give our dogs something that they enjoy, it brings us much joy; a win, win scenario.