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Dog litter boxes


Hello, you’ve stumbled upon this blog because you were looking up litter boxes for dogs. I commend you for doing your research and hope to explain my opinion on the subject fully.

Am I in favor of litter boxes? Yes, but yes with conditions. So here goes.

Breeders who opt in on litter boxes are very smart. Why have your puppies peeing and pooping all over when it is very easy to teach them to go in one place. This is most definitely a plus and the very beginning steps of house training.

Anywhere from 8-12 weeks a puppy typically goes to their new home. Now this is where I differ in my opinion to the next steps of how a litter box should be used. Breeders who have been teaching and using the litter box method of elimination will often send home a box and litter to their new puppy homes. The new guardian is instructed on how to set up the box and keep the usage ongoing.

But what are we teaching our puppies by putting a pee/poop box in the house? That’s right, to pee and poop in the house. When we bring home a new puppy we have the chance right then to change things. If they are accustom to using a litter box then we can utilize that learning with a twist. When I brought Riggs home he had been using a litter box with pellets in it. It was wonderful to see the puppies go into the large box and relieve themselves. But I didn’t want him thinking that he should relieve himself in our house so I declined the box but took home some of the litter.

Once we got to our house I put some of the wood pellets out back in the yard. The transition took all of a few moments. We took him out to where I had placed the pellets and presto, done. The pellets remained in the grass for a very long time (months). They sort of fell apart and lay beneath the blades of grass. When we went out each time I would sort of give them a kick to release the wood scent and Riggs would immediately relieve himself on them.

I do not agree with using litter boxes once the puppy goes to their new home. That is unless you are planning to continue the use of a litter box in your home. I AM… a big fan of litter box usages for those who work long hours where their dog cannot get out to relieve themselves. Or those who live in an apartment and will utilize the benefits of a litter box.

It goes without saying that litter boxes are better for small dogs. If you use one with a big dog then it has to be a very big box, so that’s kinda gross in your home. But for small dogs in an apartment or condo, a litter box may be a wonderful thing. I know that I worry about my dogs getting out if I’m away too long. It is what always keeps me watching the clock.

Imagine if you work long hours and your dog has no where to relieve themselves midday? How great would it be if they could just go in there litter box and be comfortable? It can be an ideal situation for dogs who cannot get out for long hours at a time. I recommend them for this. But if you are going to want your dog to go outside and they will not be using a litter box in your home in the future, ditch it now.

I commend breeders who use litter boxes with their puppies. Those little suckers can learn big stuff right from the get go. But send your new guardians home with just the litter if they will be using their backyard as the “go to” spot. For those with an apartment or who will be using the litter box forever, have at it.

That’s my opinion on the subject. Have a fabulous weekend.