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Do you know the vital?

So, today is take your dog to work day.  Wow, one day; it's pretty silly if you ask me.  Some will work out great and have a wonderful day; while others will cause general havoc in the office and nothing will get done.  Hmmmm.  Anyhoo...I didn't think it was worth doing a whole blog on so we're talking vitals.  Health vitals of our dogs; do you know them?  I remember the first time I heard what a dog's temperature should be, which was a long time ago.  I was standing in the Veterinarians office and the Vet Tech had just taken Mandy's (my first dog) temperature.   She said like all other Vets and Tech say "good" and prepared to leave the room.  Whoa, what is good?  What is it suppose to be?  She turned and looked at me with surprise and told me "around 102."  Okay a dog's temperature should be around 102; more precisely 100-102.5.

Dog vitals chart

I have several thermometers around the house.  The dog thermometers are clearly marked DOG in big letters with indelible ink on the side.  You do not want to mix yours and theirs up.  No.  Have you taken your dog's temperature before?  No, you should start.  If someday you need to take it, you will be prepared.  Start now.  It's not as awful as it seems, you can do it. 

I also have a container with all my canine first aid supplies stored away separately.  I like that I can just grab one container and I have it all at hand. 

My medical supplies

Taking vitals on a regular basis gives you the information you need to know when there is something wrong.  If you have no idea what your dog's vitals are then you won't know when they aren't normal.  It is easy to take vitals and a good practice to do every so often.  As a dog ages, it is more important to keep a close eye on these.  Their ability to adapt to exercise, heat and cold lessens so it is essential to watch how they are coping.  Luke has a diminished ability to exercise; he starts having more strained breaths so we monitor.  But even a young and active dog can become over exhausted or heated so it is important to watch closely.

Be educated, know your dog and their vitals.  Be prepared.