too little fat for dogs


Too much fat makes us fat, right?  Wrong.

Like many of us humans, our dogs may not be getting enough fat.  Elsa gets a great amount of fat in her diet and she is the picture of health.  Lean, very well muscled with high energy and great agility.  When I reach for a can of sardines, smelt or her new favorite, mackerel I feel great about feeding her these. 

I posted this article on my Lifting-for-life FB page this morning. 

Why eating fat won't make you fat.   

So much of what we feed our dogs is processed these days.  I'll keep it short this morning as there are a few links to read.  But think about how much fat your dogs gets in their diet.  How much and quality are important.  Processed dog food can offer little quality fat.  Next time you grocery shop, grab a few cans of sardines for Fido. 

A great article from Whole Dog Journal - Fats.

Dr. Karen Becker on fats