We've moved

Elsa and I are moving.  Yep, our Just dogs with Sherri BLOG has a new home.  With our new website we wanted to bring everything together; so this is our new home, the new website.  Like many things, we may have some growing pains but we will work through them as they arise as quickly as we can.

I love writing and sharing information about dogs in many different aspects of our life.  I will continue to research, learn and share things that I think are important issues about living with dogs.  

I love getting comments on my blogs and also topics that people would like to see a blog on.  Communication is so very important in the dog world; it is also as important in ours.  I hope that you continue to follow us and we will make try to make the transition as smooth as possible.  

Thanks for reading.

Sherri and Elsa  :)