Strap'm in

Thank you everyone, I got quite a bit of feedback.  It came in via the comment section, email, my Just dogs Facebook and my The Standard Poodle Facebook.  I will put all the "issues" down to write about in future blogs.  The general consensus though was keep doing what I'm doing so I'm glad you all enjoy the blog.  And I will keep blogging away.

Jessie is wearing the Yap Wrap harness.

Now; yesterday we were headed out to Home Depot when we were stopped at a set of lights.  I saw a white flash in my peripheral vision and turned to see the cutest little munchkin sitting in the car next to me.  It's face was so small that you could fit it's eyes, nose and mouth into a golf ball sized circle.  Sadly it was on the owners lap, in the drivers seat.  I know it was cute and I'm sure it was loving riding up front with Mom but it was also extremely dangerous.  The drivers seat is one of the most dangerous places for a dog to ride.

Just imagine for a moment, not that this would ever happen in Southern California traffic, noooooooooooo.  Okay, you are driving along and someone several cars up from you jams on their brakes.  Immediately a chain reaction occurs until it is your turn and you hit the brakes throwing your body forwards.  Inevitably the guy behind you jams on his brakes and slams into the back of you sending you back and forward again, perhaps locking up your seatbelt.  What about your dog?  Depending on how tightly your belt was on, where they were positioned and whether they are thrown or not will be the outcome of the damage.  But your dog will be injured, likely gravely or fatally.  On top of this what if your airbag goes off?

They should be in the back, it is safer.    If you must ride your dog in the front, seat belt them in.  Shorten the leash to belt ratio so that they cannot hit the dash.  Same in the back, the safest place is belted in.  There are harnesses and straps galore to choose from these days.  I actually stumbled upon a very cool set up that I am looking into trying out.  It is a strap for the back of the suv, will let you know if I give it a try.

Save your lap for couch time, not driving time.    The driver seat is strictly, for the driver.