Here we go again.............................................ya gotta hear this one.

As I pulled into the lot at the park I thought to myself “what a great day for a walk.” I was there with my old gal, Jessie who is nearing 15 years of age and suffering from Dementia so we take time to stop and smell the roses.   We’d only made it a quarter of the way around the park when we ran into a cute little black dog. I told the black dog's owner that my girl was not friendly and they sauntered on by. It was earlier than we usually walk and there were several dogs there that I'd never seen before.  But it was cool and quiet, with a feeling of ahhhhhhhh in the air.

Our peaceful walk changed very quickly when two white fluff balls came charging across the field. One of the dogs ran up behind Jessie, luckily she hadn’t seen it and I wasn’t letting it get any closer. Keeping one eye on the dog that was closing in on us from behind I saw another white fluff making a b-line to the black dog and his owner that we had just spoken to. The little white dog made a full on attack, the black dog never knew what hit him. But at more than double the size he fought back, it was quite a display of ferocity from the white fluff dog.

Thinking now that perhaps the white dog shadowing us may be up to no good I called to the lady to get a leash on her dogs, as did the man with the black dog that was being attack. Just like the little black dog that hadn’t seen an attack coming, we did not see this coming our way. We were about to get the full brunt from the owner of the white fluff dogs. She yelled “calm down,” with her hand held out to show that she was not listening to us she yelled again “I said just calm down.” Odd because we were the calm ones, she was the one going off.

This was just the beginning; she had much more in store for us as I told her “just put your dogs on leashes, no one is freaking out.” This was what followed and I am still baffled, shaking my head. She screamed “I know everything, I know it all, I know everything more than you.” It continued “I know it all, I know everything more than you.” This was delivered with the ever present raised hand which was now waving furiously at us. After 15 years of training dogs I still don’t know it all, this woman must be a super human. We stood in astonishment. The attack never stopped until she was out of range, she never took a breath in her assault on us. I had a few choice words of my own, but they fell on deaf ears as she was still ranting her “know all” theory to us across the field.

She made her retreat to the other side of the field with her tiny misbehaved dogs, where she proceeded to throw the ball for them while keeping her distance. I kept one eye on her and her dogs, my job was to protect my old girl and that is what I intended to do. While I kept an eye on the group who was lacking even the smallest speck of dog or human etiquette, one of the white dogs pooped as the owner stood pretending not to notice. Was I surprised when she walked away not picking up after her dog? Are you kidding?

As I often run out of ideas for my blog; sometimes all it takes is a trip to the park for my material. Thankfully people like this woman and her dogs are a very small percentage of dog owners. We don’t often run into this type of very poorly behaved dogs and humans that ruin it for all the great dogs and their owners anymore. But it is a reminder that they are still out there. Unbelievable.