A pat on the back

One of the photos that I took of Courage ended up as the image for the award plaques.  I am honored.  

A pat on the back; a job well done.  Isn't that one of the best things in life?  To be recognized?  Far too often hard working, selfless people go unnoticed, passed over and taken for granted.  I was able to attend the Bellflower Bravo awards this past Thursday where there were many citizens and officers recognized for their valiant, above and beyond actions.  Several of the people who were recognized at the event were from "team Courage."  The folks that stepped up and never gave up in their fight to keep him alive.  Courage was a standout for sure, he took the stage to the excitement of the audience.

                                    David Ono was the host of the 2011 Bellflower Bravo awards

            Huell Howser of PBS California Gold television series was the keynote speaker at the event.

As I sat in the audience waiting for the event to begin I couldn't help but over hear all the folks talking about the dog.  "Did you hear about the dog?"  "That dog Courage is going to be here."  "Did you see that starved dog is being honored?"  "My son asked that I get a picture with Courage."  It made me smile; knowing what a wonderful dog Courage truly is and how with the help of a crew of caring people, he not only recovered but is thriving now.  He has a new Mom, a new family and a support system that anyone would dream of.

                                                 Everyone wanted to touch Courage, he is a true hero

I often think about the sheer man hours that people give to rescue, save, rehabilitate and re-home canines.  It is a daunting task but many have stepped up to make a statement.  "I/we will save as many as I/we can."  It is inspiring to see the dedication of those who give every spare moment to one common goal, save.   I have met so many wonderful groups of people who have dedicated their lives to just that, saving dogs.  When you meet some of these folks who just won't stop, they have a passion that drives them, it is uplifting.  With all the bad in the world there truly is a lot of good.

And every single one of the rescuers say that hopefully there will come a day when they are put out of business.  Imagine if this were true, no homeless dogs, no over crowded shelters, no euthanasia of healthy dogs?  That is a goal that we should all strive for.  And to those who make it their life goal to save unwanted dogs?  I would like to simply say, thank you.

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