Valentines day challenge

Monday is Valentines day; are you ready?  What are getting for your loved one for this lovey dovey day?  Well; how about something different this year?  How about a donation to one of the many rescue groups?  Yesterday I wrote about how all the wonderful volunteers give of their time; but many of them dig deep into their own pockets as well.  Out of pocket is a common phrase I hear when talking about rescuing.  Not all of the groups have a huge donation fund, it would be great if they all had enough money to run without making a huge dent in their own finances.

Just imagine if everyone donated even 10.00 to a rescue group.  Can you imagine the monumental amount of money that would be?  And imagine for a second if many donated even more, the impact could be phenomenal.   Perhaps the new phrase for valentines day could be "Give from the heart."  Each and every year so many dogs are needlessly euthanized due to the sheer numbers.  If we all gave just a little, that would add up to a whole lot of dogs that could be saved.  But it's not a perfect world.

I'm not saying to opt out of the mushy stuff, goodness knows there are a lot of people who wait for this day all year.  Maybe just take a small percentage of what you plan on spending and give.  Give the gift of life to a dog or two.  How easy could it get?   Give a gift and the rescue folks will take care of the rest.

And guys; if you are wondering if this is a good idea?  Let me tell you that this will earn you extra bonus points.  ;)