A dog's life

Summer is now upon us; not officially but it's heating up.  With summer comes new puppies; lots of new puppies. If you are in "the search" stage; you should be asking yourself a lot of questions along the way so that hopefully you will end up with the perfect match for your family. Adding a dog to your family is a win, win situation. You get the dog you wanted and you give a dog the life they always wanted, right? But what does a dog want in their life? Wow, have you ever considered what your dogs life aspirations are beyond the food bowl and cookie jar?

If it was up to them what would they want their life to look like? Well, looking at my three on the bed with me at the moment; a comfy place to sleep comes to mind. They love comfort and those people who think it is weird that a dogs wants somewhere comfortable to sleep just don't get dogs. As I have said many times before; my house both inside and out is filled with dog beds, all of which are used on a daily basis. So comfort would definitely be on the "want list" for our dogs.

Next would be companionship, both canine and human. Dogs in the wild don't need humans but our domesticated guys need us for sure. I am a huge believer in multiple dog households, that is only if you want more than one dog though. I think it is very good for dogs to live with dogs as well as humans. Humans are great to live with aren't we? Well, not all of us but even as great as some of us are; we aren't dogs and dogs need other dogs in their lives.

Food is a big one; for some dogs it would be number one on the list; like my Jack Russell. And I'm thinking if it was really up to our dogs they would be eating a raw diet, or at least a "real food" diet. I don't imagine any dog would choose to eat a dry bowl of the same kibble day in and day out. They would like bones as well, dogs love to chew bones contrary to what some people believe. I've seen it with my own eyes.

Exercise would be on the list as well, dogs love to run and they love to join us on outings. Of course they have their favorite forms of exercise; many dogs love to retrieve, some obsessively like my girl Tilley. Almost all dogs love to run free and when you watch them; there is no mistaking the pure joy of running for them. Some have learned that frisbee is the greatest thing in life, others may love the challenge of the agility course but whatever it is; dogs love to move.

Dogs love to go different places as well and experience many aspects of our life with us. Where we go our dogs want to follow, travelling as a pack. Taking our dogs to different environments is good for their mind, it is very stimulating. It also helps them to enjoy life more; the more they are introduced to the easier it is for them to enjoy our human world.

Dogs are a simple species in regards to "needs." They are happy with very little; they don't need fancy collars, leashes, clothing, eye wear, houses or designer beds. They need us and we need them. Having chosen to be a canine guardian you have taken on the responsibility of giving your dog a good life. Is your dog enjoying their dog life?