The lizard game

Larry the lizard

Many of you know about Luke and his love for the "lizard game."  It's not much of a game for the lizards; they run in fear as they should because Luke is not kidding around.  I have to say that it is a rare lizard that loses their life to Luke; they are very fast and I will only allow a chase if I know the little guy can get away.  That is if I am witness to the chase; many times I come out to find the game already having commenced.  Yesterday my hubby and I were out in the garage when I spotted the giant lizard, Larry.  It was used as a prank on my husband from a very good friend of his but I had other plans for it.

I planted it outside where the lizards typically hang out.  Unfortunately I didn't think of my camera until after the initial meeting so I'll do my best to explain what happened.  After placing the pretend lizard I went in and asked Luke if he'd seen any lizards today.  Right away his ears went up and he headed outside.  He hit the spot by the hose and found nothing so he turned to see if we knew where one was when it caught his eye.  He charged at it and immediately jammed on his brakes.  This lizard is the size of a large Iguana; so the drive to chase a lizard kicked in but the smarts of a poodle stopped the attack.  He made a huge arch around the lizard; huffing and puffing but staying far enough away should the creature attack him.  He sniffed and sniffed trying to figure this guy out while he kept his body respectfully sideways.  He was very nervous and remained ready to take off.  We watched through the living room window.

We then went outside and joined Luke.  He pretended that the lizard didn't exist and quite clearly marked his yard only feet away from the creature.  It was at that moment  "duh..........." I thought of my camera.  We picked up the lizard and I ran to get my camera hoping to capture the continuation of the interactions.

Once we went out and dragged the thing around Luke realized that this thing was fake; although he still had the same reaction to it as if it was real.  The body language from Luke was identical to the behavior he would display if this lizard was alive.  Larger than a typical lizard Luke was not being stupid, he kept his distance.  But when I put it directly in front of him and it continued to stare so he got uncomfortable and averted his stare.

A frozen staring posture is quite clearly a threat.  Even though Luke knew that this was not real he still reacted to it's posturing.  When I moved it closer he seemed a little shocked; and then it followed him to his double lounge.  He looked at it as if to say "really?"  And that was that, off with the head.   

Watching him interact with this iguana was really interesting.  Once Luke realized that it was not real he still continued to respond to it's body language.  Luke's communications were clear that he understood this was not just a normal toy.  

Luke a little uncomfortable with the staring lizard so close.

Moved closer he's a bit shocked.

Averting his glance as Larry continues staring.  

Another greeting

Really?  This is my double lounge

Enough is enough.