Nature's Logic-Review

Luke likes what he smells

I recently did a food test on Nature's Logic dog food.  When I do a test on food or a product the guinea pigs are either my own dogs or one of the other test dogs that I have listed on my site.  This food test was done by my group; so I had to like the looks of it before it even got tested.  If I don't like what I read; I'm not going to give it to my dogs for a test.  So I obviously liked what I read about Nature's Logic first. 

No hesitation; Mr. Fussy pants digs in.

Association of American Feed Control Officials state that Nature's Logic is complete and balanced for all stages of life.  If a food is not at least substantiated by AAFCO then don't waste your money.

The food is made in the US which is great; it is also a high protein food.  My gang tried the dry chicken and beef dry food; and all the canned flavors.  I even gave Luke the sardine variety and he ate it.  The first night I opened the can and took a sniff; it smelled pretty good for canned dog food.  Everyone ate like champs and no one got upset.  That is a big test first and foremost for me; being that my dogs eat a huge variety of food they should easily be able to eat a "good" new food without a problem.  There was no problem with the transition to these foods. 

I especially liked the ingredients on the canned food and plan to keep several cans in my pantry.  In fact when I last visited the pet food stores I bought more of the beef for Luke.  With less processing and a higher moisture content it is much closer to real food than dry.  Each of my dogs enjoyed all the different flavors; Luke really enjoyed the beef and chowed down which is very unlike him.  The protein source ingredients on the canned food is impressive:  Beef, Beef Broth, Beef Liver, Sardines, Cottage Cheese and is filled with fruits and vegetables. 

The dried food was a big hit with all three of my dogs as well.  I fed them from their bowls and did the toss the food around the yard routine.  All the food was eaten except for Luke's of course, he always has to leave something.  Although he did not leave as much as with other dog foods.   I had a small bag of each type of dry; because Jessie is small I was able to keep her on the chicken dry for two weeks.  She has done great on it; she eats every bit and has not had upset once.

Unfortunately I was unable to get a raw sample from my closest store so I will visit another shop and let you know when I try it.  The list of ingredients again is impressive and looks to be a very high quality frozen raw food for dogs.

Nature's Logic has a thorough website listing all of their products, ingredients and locations to buy their foods and supplements.  A FAQ page is included on their site which is extremely helpful; there were several questions that I had which were answered on their page.

The gang and I give this dog food 4 paws up.  If you are going to feed your dog, dog food, feed them the best you can buy.