Fall is upon us and in many places it sure looks like it.  But here in SoCal it is still green, still warm and sunny.  But in all the places where it is actually fall like it is time to start growing coat or making arrangements to get a coat for your otherwise shaved dog.  Dogs who have their own naturally beautiful coat are just fine as the temperatures drop; it grows in fuller, filling in any spots that might get cold.  But what about those who want to have a shaved dog because of "shedding" issues or have a dog that has less than a warm coat?

Many types of dogs like Italian Greyhounds, Great Danes, Greyhounds, Dachshunds or Dobermans have very thin coats and they need to be kept warm if they are going to be spending any length of time in the cold.  I've written often about how I am not into clothing for dogs as a fashion statement unless of course it is for a purpose like warmth.  Then I am all about keeping your dog nice and snuggly in some snazzy clothing.

Tilley often wears clothing, being that she is very old she has a difficult time cooling herself.  So we keep her nice and short which helps but also ensures that she stays fairly clean.  In the cooler evenings she can get cold so she has several coats that do the job nicely.  I tend to keep Luke with a longer coat as the weather gets cooler and the new little lady will get the same.  Jessie has a very thick and dense coat even though she is smooth coated so she goes au natural.  Also she hates wearing clothes.

I often see people with those naked type breeds; the ones with the very thin single smooth coat out in the cold.  Imagine if someone tossed you outside in the cold with no clothes on.  What should also be taken into consideration is the amount of time that a dog spends outdoors.  If they are indoors for most of the time except for a quick romp or elimination trip outside then they will feel the cold much more than a dog who spends more time outdoors.

As you pull out the sweaters; long johns and wool socks, consider your dog and their ability to keep themselves warm outdoors.  You may need nothing at all but a good brush; but perhaps you need to find a dapper new coat to keep them warm this fall and winter.