I'm back

Wow; how fast does time fly?  Crazy.  First I'd like to thank all of you who wrote to tell me how much you enjoy my blog and offered blog ideas for the future.  :)  Next I'm sure that you are all wondering how the baby is doing, right?  Well she is doing great and in the three weeks she's been here she has only had one accident.  It really helps having the older dogs show her where to go for sure plus making sure that she is out often and rewarded for going outside.

We've been lots of places with Elsa for socializing; she has had two sets of shots so far so anywhere that there is not a steady stream of dogs we have taken her.  She's been to Starbucks, Home Depot, the beach, a few friends houses, a couple of strip malls and the High School near us.  She adores people and likes other dogs, although we haven't had too many other dog encounters as of yet.  She will be attending obedience classes this Sat. or next Wed. which will be very strange for me.  I haven't been to a class in over twenty years and I will have to do a lot of smiling and keeping my mouth shut I would imagine.  Being a trainer myself and having trained for years it will be difficult to have someone else tell me how to do things.  I'm not sure if I'll let them know that I am a trainer myself or not yet, probably not.

Taking Elsa to class is for socializing; she will be with other puppies and at the end of the class they get to play so that is the important part.  At 11 weeks old she is very advanced as far as physical ability and I cannot imagine what she will be able to do once she is fully grown.  She is very confident yet mindful of the older dogs most of the time; except for the before dinner hour.  That is her bewitching hour and all rules are pretty much out the window.  This is typically when she learns many lessons as she hurls herself around at everyone; both dog and human alike.

It's good to be back; nice to have a break but now I'm ready to write.