It is the shopping bonanza day "Black Friday."  Are you out there fighting the crowds for "stuff?"  Not me, at 6:20 am I am nice and snug in bed blogging with a big cup of coffee.  I have no intention of going anywhere near a mall or shop today; tomorrow maybe, I do have Christmas shopping to do.  But for today it will be hanging at home with the family and eating leftovers, one of my favorite things to do.  Isn't making mass quantities of food and having left overs wonderful?  You get to eat really great food and not do any cooking.

This is the time of year when many dogs will be visiting the veterinarians because they ate something that they shouldn't have.  The problem with the Holidays is that many people who typically pour their dog a big bowl of dry dog food feel that sharing the bounty is a festive idea.  That is until they have either a sick dog or a large mess to clean up.  Dogs can eat turkey; let me just get that out of the way.  There is a big rumor going around that turkey is not good for dogs, it's not the turkey itself but the fact that a dog has never eaten it before or that they are given not only turkey but all the trimmings.

Trimmings are not good for dogs and can even make a dog who typically eats turkey sick.  Bread and onions cooked in butter is a recipe for disaster when it comes to our dogs; heck it's not great for us to eat but if it does anything to us, it just gives us an upset stomach.  No trimmings, no crunchy skin, no cranberry sauce, gravy, no stuffing or sweet potato pie, just turkey, plain turkey.  I always give my guys lots of turkey around the Holiday season, and I may be out today looking for the birds now on sale that Thanksgiving is over.   As this Thanksgiving day I made mushroom and asparagus lasagna with homemade pasta so they won't be having any leftovers today; but I sure will.

Just remember when you are filling up your plate with turkey left overs, just the bird for the dogs, and everything in moderation.