Dog food drive

Now that the "official" Thanksgiving day and Black Friday are over I'd like to draw your attention to my first annual Just dogs with Sherri Dog Food Drive.  (Flyer above)   I am very excited for this and really hope that as many of you as possible turn out carrying a can, several cans or a bag or two of dog food.  So many people these days have to place their dogs or hand them over to a rescue or shelter simply because they cannot afford to feed them.  Let's feed as many as possible; at least over the holiday season.

I have already had calls, FB messages and emails from people telling me that this has inspired them to "give."  They have bought and donated food to people, shelters and rescues, and I frankly could not be more excited.  If this is enough to create a thought when you are buying your dog's food to buy two and give one; then this is what it is all about.

I received a call from a woman who was considering that she might have to get rid of one of her dogs.  She asked if she could get food and I was gushing with happiness that the word is getting out.  Please come on by and donate some dog food or if you live far away from me then donate anyway.  It is a rough time for many people; giving even just a little is always appreciated.

I carry sample bags of dog food in my car to give to homeless folks on the street with dogs.  I look forward to seeing many of you next Saturday at the event.  If you are a  member of an organization; perhaps you'd like to take up a collection?  Maybe your company can get together and give even more?  If you live elsewhere, why not start your own dog food drive.   The thought has crossed my mind that perhaps December 3rd will become "Feed the dogs," day across the world.  Why not?