We had the dogs down in the canyon again yesterday; I was of course worrying about running into "stupid," again.  You know that guy that we ran into last time we were down there?  The really intelligent one?  As we pulled up to the entrance I got Luke out first and "stupid" was just coming out.  His dog went to the end of his extension leash and right up to the side of my car as the owner was texting.  He yelled at his dog "hey, no."  Honestly; I pulled Luke back around the car.   Really?

We waited and he finally got the dog into the back of his car; once there he signed for the dog to sit, he also asked the dog to sit I don't know how many times and he never did.  The guy finally closed the back of the truck so we head down to the canyon.  So glad we missed this guy and his untrained dog.  Humans!!!!!

In the afternoon I decided to take the little one (Elsa) over to the strip mall for some socializing.  We met lots of folks; although no one wanted to stop and greet her.  It is nice when people stop to say hi but she also has to learn that not everyone wants to say hi so this was one of "those" outings.  That is until we were getting into the car; a woman beside my vehicle was getting her kids into the car.  She spotted Elsa and wanted to say hi; her kids also climbed out of the back of her suv to say hi.

We had a nice greeting, the woman thought that Elsa was adorable (of course).  Her little girl came over and was apprehensive, holding her arms in the air and shrieking.  Ahhhhhh a giant squeaky toy.  Then the Mother pulled out her training skills from Caesar and showed her little girl just how to do it.  She actually did a Caesar "chiccchhh chicchhhhh" on my dog.  What a funny human thing to do; try to train someone else's puppy.   Even as a trainer; unless asked to train someone's dog I would not do this.  Humans.