Keara and Charlie

Yesterday I had a visit with two of my all time favorite training students.  I've known these guys for years; done a great deal of training with their owner and each of these magnificent dogs.  Keara on the left and Charlie on the right.  I spent a lot of time with these two over the years; first with Keara and then Charlie some years later.  Two more wonderful German Shepherds I have not met in all my years of training and I was so excited to see them after a several year absence.  

I met Keara when she was but a youngster, a 6 month old gorgeous young lady.  Now well into her senior years she is still the wonderful girl, albeit mellowed a bit. 

Charlie; a young three year old and full of the energy of youth.  He truly is a hunk and one of the sweetest boys I know.  At over 100 lbs I had to brace myself for his exuberant greeting, he seemed as happy to see me as I was to see him.  

Keara voiced her joy at seeing me; it sure felt good.  

I met Charlie when he was only weeks old; he was and still is a dog who loves life.  Some of the dogs I've worked with over the years I remember well, others have taught me great lessons, some have sort of just slipped by and a few have made a big impact on my life.  These two most definitely impacted my life living a lasting memory.